Power Generation

In response to growing demands for environmental protection against global warming, acid rain, increasing CFC’s and pollution, more and more preventive actions are urgently needed. For applications found within environmental protection systems and energy preservation, a butterfly valve should satisfy various severe requirements including control capability under high temperature and pressure conditions. Taking an example of a geothermal power plant, a butterfly valve must withstand coarse sand, pointed fragments of rocks, and other hard debris. As for the flue-gas desulfurization system of a fossil thermal power plant, the butterfly valves applied should be resistant to corrosion and erosion. With their outstanding features and capability, TOMOE butterfly valves are constantly supporting the environmental protection systems and public utilities of today

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Like public utilities and offshore plant facilities, TOMOE valves are fully approved for shipboard use by all the leading marine authorities. TOMOE plays an essential role in the heart of the ship, the engine and other critical locations which require a compact and light weight design, as well as constant, accurate and reliable function for safe operation.