DHC & Air Conditioning

In the field of building utilities, TOMOE was the first to develop an aluminium die cast butterfly valve and the latest design with a high performance engineering plastic which prevents dew condensation. It made a breakthrough in space saving and excellent cost performance. The DHC (District Heating and Cooling) System is a centralized heating/cooling system, which supplies a group of buildings in a certain area heated water, steam, cooling water and other energy media generated in one or more heat supply plants. The Tomoe butterfly valve can be used in all areas of these modern systems and as a result they make a huge contribution to the development and comfort of modern day urban life.

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Like public utilities and offshore plant facilities, TOMOE valves are fully approved for shipboard use by all the leading marine authorities. TOMOE plays an essential role in the heart of the ship, the engine and other critical locations which require a compact and light weight design, as well as constant, accurate and reliable function for safe operation.