Rubber Seated Valves

Rubber Seated Valves

Discs and seats come in various materials to meet a wide range of needs. Those are the ultimate general purpose valves and they provide excellent cost performance.

Handing, durability and longevity are the basics aspects by which valve performance can be improved. TOMOE have now developed the 700G Series, a superior, pressure-proof, general purpose valve, with the addition of a wide range of features to offer improved performance and better cost efficiency.

Discs and seats come in various material

10K Aluminum Butterfly Valve

Rubber Seated Butterfly Valves for gener

Rubber seated Butterfly Valves for High

Vulcanized Rubber Lining on The Body for

Large Diameter Rubber Seat Butterfly Val

10 BAR Rated Butterfly Valve for General


Large diameter rubber seated concentric

Large Diameter / AWWA Standard C504